@soenamelicious review of Enamel Workshop’s Grisalla Òpal class

The kind folks at the enamel enthusiasm page @soenamelicious have been so nice to review my Grisalla Òpal enamel class for you. You can click here to view the review, or read it below:

We have tried for you the first online class by @enamel_workshop .
The two-hour video lesson is about opalescent Grisaille technique.
This technique is explained in detail starting from its history, passing through the freehand design, the choice of the enamel and the creation of three amazing works.
During the lesson you forget that you are following an online class, you feel in the workshop of Mer in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the incredible macro shots you can really understand how to move every single grain of enamel to create delicate shades.

This lesson is in English and easily understandable even for not native English speakers.
Is recommended for medium level enamellers. For beginners, this technique is a little difficult, but if you are reckless and want to challenge yourself it is a great way to do it!
This technique can be applied to both geometric/abstract and figurative subjects. We love to use this technique to draw faces.
Have you already followed this class? Feel free to share your opinions and your works with us.
Use #soenamelicious and #enamelworkshop
We will share the best works!
Credits: www.enamelworkshop.com
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Thank you @soenamelicious!

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