Since I just published a translation of Andreu Vilasís’ book, here is an update on my recs. Don’t want to read? (keep your energy to read more books!) here’s the video:

Here are the books and all the links:







  1. Enamelling: The complicity of fire and art by Andreu Vilasís.
    I originally recommended the original, Spanish language version of this book. It being my favourite book and written by my mentor, I obtained permission and guidance from him in translating and publishing this book. So my first recommendation is of a book that I myself sell… May seem a bit cheeky, but the truth is that I published this book because I love it, 100% stand behind it, and I think it is the best!
    This book is used as an unofficial textbook in Spain, where you can get an official degree in enamelling on metals in various art schools. It is a complete reference technical manual, an absolute must have.
    It is still my number one recommendation hands down.
    To order the Spanish version you can contact the Catalan enamelists’ association CIDAE at
  2. Enameling on Metal: The Art and Craft of Enameling on Metal Explained Clearly and Precisely* by Núria López-Ribalta & Eva Pascual i Miró. This is my favourite to recommend to beginners since it is indeed very clearly explained and illustrated, and covers all your bases 😀 This book is available in several languages. This is a link to the English version, see below for more!
  3. Engraving and Enamelling: The Art of Champlevé* by Phil Barnes. Absolutely fantastic book by an extraordinary artist that left us too soon. You’ll find outstanding information over engraving, champlevé and enamelling on sterling silver in this book.
  4. The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration* by Linda Darty. The absolute classic from the other side of the pond. This is a wonderful book which covers an enormous amount of information and, indeed, lots and lots of inspiration.
  5. The art of enameling: How to shape precious metal and decorate it with cloisonné, champlevé, plique-à-jour, mercury gilding and other fine techniques* by Margaret Seeler. This unfortunately out of print book is quite sui generis and also quite delightful! Do get it if you can find a reasonably priced copy.

So as mentioned, Núria’s book is available in several languages. Here’s a gathering of non-affiliate links. My apologies if any of these stops working:

English: Emaux SoyerBookdepository, Amazon UKAmazon DE
Spanish: Emaux SoyerAmazon ES
French: Emaux SoyerAmazon FR
Italian: Amazon.comMondadoriHobbylandIBS

If you know anything about my history, you know that Andreu and Núria are my mentors. It is thus no surprise, I suppose, that both their books top my list. You could say that my familiarity with the content makes me have a special affinity for it, and you could then take my recommendation with a grain of salt, I suppose… but there’s a reason why they’re both considered masters in the field of enamelling 😀 and everyone I have recommended these books to has been super happy with them and learnt tons, so there’s that!

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