In this digital workshop we explore a vitreous enamel technique with rich history, grisaille, in its 20th century incarnation developed by Andreu Vilasís.

Grisalla òpal utilises beautiful, semi-translucent opalescent enamels, to build volume in a delicate low relief on the traditional dark blue background. The results are magical.

This video class includes:

  • Downloadable two hour HD video class (4.8 GB)
  • Downloadable PDF with templates and list of materials
  • Access to private classroom on Facebook

The HD video covers the following:

  • Introduction to the technique, history, tools and materials (23 minutes)
  • Project 1: Celtic knot (14 minutes)
  • Project 2: Möbius strip, firing procedure (34 minutes)
  • Project 3: Acanthus leaf (49 minutes)

Scroll to the end of this page for a complete table of contents and running time.

This is not a beginner class, intermediate level in enamelling is necessary, and some drawing or painting experience strongly recommended. The preparation of the bases is only lightly touched upon, in order to dedicate as much time as possible to the wet-packing technique.

Please be aware that the enamels used in this technique are traditional leaded enamels. You also need access to an enamelling kiln. You can buy a vitreous enamel kit for this class in my store.

If you want to participate in the private Facebook classroom, please send me an email to, from the address you purchased your copy, indicating your screen name so I can add you.


During the lesson you forget that you are following an online class, you feel in the workshop of Mer in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the incredible macro shots you can really understand how to move every single grain of enamel to create delicate shades…. read the full review by @soenamelicious

Here Mer gives you a beautiful Grisaille Enamel tutorial. I have seen Grisaille used with white opaque enamels over black opaque but her application using opals is just beautiful. After 30 years of enameling, you would think you have seen all the techniques. This is definitely a technique I will be using, I can see it helping me in my ocean scenes as well as in my animals. Her work is not only beautiful but also shows any enamelist a very delicate approach to shading your enamels.
Patsy Croft

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00:02:14tools & materials
00:12:26recommended books
00:15:20history of grisaille
00:16:40projects and procedure
00:19:12firing technique
00:23:45celtic knot: demo of base preparation
00:24:50celtic knot: layer 1
00:31:00celtic knot: drying and firing of layer 1
00:31:43celtic knot: layer 2
00:35:50celtic knot: final layer (layer 3)
00:37:28möbius strip: demo of base preparation
00:39:03möbius strip: study
00:42:41möbius strip: layer 1
00:50:10grisalla òpal firing procedure
00:53:08möbius strip: firing assessment
00:54:52möbius strip: layer 2
00:57:49möbius strip: layer 3
01:05:16möbius strip: final layer (layer 4)
01:11:47acanthus leaf: study
01:13:28acanthus leaf: demo of base preparation
01:17:11acanthus leaf: layer 1
01:28:40acanthus leaf: firing assessment
01:29:40acanthus leaf: layer 2
01:34:58acanthus leaf: layer 3
01:49:43acanthus leaf: final layer (layer 4)
02:00:18end credits