In this digital workshop we begin our exploration into the fascinating realm of painting on enamel.

We will talk about which materials and mediums can be used to paint on enamel, how to use them, and how to fire them. If you like to figure things out on your own, this class might be everything you need.
We will explore the technique in much more depth in future installments.

This video class includes:

  • Downloadable 25 minute HD video class (1.2 GB)
  • x2 Downloadable 1 hour HD bonus videos (500 MB each)
  • Downloadable PDF handout (1.2 MB, 5 pages)

If you are able to prepare an enamelled base to paint on, you can follow this class, regardless of your experience level. Painting or drawing experience of any kind is recommended but not necessary. You need access to an enamelling kiln.

Bonus content:

  1. A more informal & conversational 1h video I created for my Patrons, in which I show the process of creating a smooth enamel base to paint on.
  2. “How to use s.64 enamel paints” instructional video, a 1h overview of the entire process of painting on enamel using these paints (my personal favourites). This video is also provided when you buy the Basic set or the Full set.

You can buy my classes with a 20% discount if you join the Intermediate or Producer tier in my Patreon. This is a good deal, you get to view all of my Patreon content and get the class for less. Once you’re logged in to Patreon, visit this page to purchase.