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Mer generously shares her plethora of information about working in enamels with those who take her classes or subscribe to her Patreon channel. I have learned so much from watching her videos, and hope to continue to learn even more. In particular, I was able to do the plique-a-jour technique after watching her video once. She’s an amazing and talented teacher.

~ Maha



Pencil explorations

Part 1 & Part 2

Cuttlefish grisaille

Part 1 & Part 2

Thought & Memory 2

The painting process


Enamelling bands for a gold crown. Watch the first 25 minutes of the video for free on YouTube.

Magnificat part 2: hope teardrop enamelling on engraved 18k gold

Panta Rhei part 1, part 2 – milky way painting/grisaille and setting in gold frame

Mini medal – mother and child

Sybil series

Part 1: Design process, rationale, flashing silver blank, first layers of enamel.
Part 2: Enamelling opalescent background moon, painting landscape on reverse.
Part 3: Thoughts on painting on enamel colours, painting the figure.
Part 4: Elaborate reversible frame setting part 1
Part 5: Frame setting part 2, water gilding a stone
Part 6: Frame setting part 3, creating the setting for freely spinning sphere, setting the enamel in the piece, chain making.

Seeker V series

Part 1: An overview of the enamelling process followed by discussion of other pieces on this series, and begin working on the setting for this piece.
Part 2: We continue working on the thick frame setting and the back bezel.
Part 3: Creating the drop, setting the piece and beaded chain.

Jackdaw series

Part 1: Design, flashing blank, enamelling, painting on enamel.
Part 2: Earrings bezel + prong setting part 1.
Part 3: Earrings: handmade English lock part 1.
Part 4: Earrings: handmade English lock part 2, hammer setting, finishing.

Stone, bronze, steel

Painting on enamel

Preparatory Work: Lotus series

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5


Painting process