In this digital vitreous enamel course, suitable for complete beginners, I show you how to complete 8 exercises that will bring your wet-packing and gradation abilities to the next level.

This video class includes:

  • Two downloadable two hour HD video classes (5 GB each)
  • Access to a private classroom on Facebook

The HD videos cover the following:

  • Washing enamel
  • Enameling desk set-up
  • Wet-packing with one opaque colour
  • Firing opaque enamel on copper
  • Wet-packing with two opaque colours creating a straight line
  • Wet-packing with opaque and transparent colour creating a curved line, on a high dome
  • Gradation tone on tone, transparent
  • Gradation with opaque enamel
  • Gradation with contrasting colours, transparent
  • Gradation, working with two colours at the same time
  • Fluxing a medium sized enamel panel
  • Firing copper flux enamel
  • Preparing a ceramic fibre support for firing
  • And troubleshooting several problems that might arise


All exercises are created on domed copper bases. You can also work on flat bases. The dimensions are:

  • x2 5x5 cm squares (2" approx.) 0.5 mm (24 gauge) thick
  • x3 3x8 cm rectangles (1x3" approx.) 0.5 mm (24 gauge) thick
  • 4 cm diameter circle (1.5" approx.) 0.5 mm (24 gauge) thick (domed from a 4.5 cm diameter blank - 1.7" approx.)
  • 3x6 cm shield (1x2" approx.) 0.5 mm (24 gauge) thick
  • 8x13 cm (3x5" approx.) rectangular panel 0.7 mm (27 gauge) thick

The preparation of the bases is not touched upon, as it was covered in the previous class.

I use leaded enamels in this workshop, but you can use unleaded too. You need access to an enamelling kiln. If you want to participate in the private Facebook classroom, please send me an email to, from the address you purchased your copy and I will send you an invite. You need to have an active Facebook profile to be able to join.

You can buy my classes with a 20% discount if you join the Intermediate or Producer tier in my Patreon. This is a good deal, you get to view all of my Patreon content and get the class for less. Once you're logged in to Patreon, visit this page to purchase.

00:01:22Washing enamel
00:09:25Enameling desk set-up
00:13:42Base intro
00:17:36Wet-packing with one opaque colour
00:36:57Firing opaque enamel on copper
00:42:59Cleaning edges and fixing blemishes
00:54:15Wet-packing with two opaque colours creating a straight line
01:22:09Wet-packing with opaque and transparent colour creating a curved line, on a high dome
01:48:01Firing with flux
00:00:09Gradation tone on tone, transparent
00:10:38Gradation with opaque enamel
00:19:14Gradation with contrasting colours, transparent
00:41:44Gradation, working with two colours at the same time
00:54:01Fluxing a medium sized enamel panel
01:24:28Firing copper flux enamel
01:30:12Fixing surface blemishes
01:41:04Extras on exercise 5
01:47:02Extras on exercise 3
01:52:16Preparing a ceramic fibre support for firing
01:55:56End credits

Testimonials & REVIEWS




Review by @soenamelicious
Studying enamel art is difficult, having good basics is the secret to starting this path in the best way. Being able to rewatch the same passage over and over again gives you the opportunity to learn how to master the technique!
Video lessons have this great advantage.
Mer Almagro in this class explains in a very detailed and clear way how to wash the enamels, how to apply them with the use of the brush and the spatula with 8 different exercises. You will learn how to fire the pieces in the proper way and how to fix mistakes!
The part we found most interesting is where she shows you how to create gradual shades and get perfect transparency, to say the least incredible, on copper!
Come on, look at these colors! We know you want to learn how to do works like these. This tutorial gives you the opportunity to start from the basics if you are a beginner and, if you already know how to enamel, to learn the tricks of the trade that will take your work to the next level!
You will also learn how to prepare ceramic fibre support for you kiln. The support that will change your way of work!
The video class by @enamel_workshop is four hours long.

Exact running time: Part 1 01:51:17 - Part 2 01:56:17

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