The beginning is nigh!

After years of hibernation, Enamel Workshop‘s project is coming closer to being realised 🙂 I’ve thus created the simple website you’re visiting now.

Everything is lining up nicely: I’ll have the free time to create the first video class, and (after five long years!) we’re setting up the workshop in the coming weeks. So it will still take a little time to furnish the workshop, prepare the projects, set up the equipment, shoot the video, and edit it. Apart from my partner’s help with the furnishing, this is all a one woman’s show!

Aside from vitreous enamel, I have professional experience in graphic design and video editing so I aim to produce a top quality product 🙂

A grisalla òpal in progress – clickable

After much deliberation I have decided to get started with a monographic technique class, focusing on the technique of Grisalla Òpal. This is an absolutely gorgeous technique developed in the 20th century by my mentor Andreu Vilasís. As the name implies, the main ingredient is opaline enamel 😀

See some astonishing examples of Andreu’s work in this virtual gallery.

Grisaille is a demanding technique, so this one will not be a beginner’s course. An intermediate to advanced level of enamelling is advisable. Additionally, the end result, particularly when dealing with figurative subjects, always depends on the existing level of draughtswomanship. There are no shortcuts in this technique! Are you up for a challenge? 😀

Your feedback and ideas are always welcome!

Join me in the enamel Workshop Facebook page to discuss 🙂 you can also now follow the Instagram feed and the youTube channel, I will be posting some behind the scenes material!


Grisailles òpal by Mer Almagro

See you around!