Many years ago we used to have various independent enamelling forum and message board communities which have slowly petered out in favour of communities and groups in mainstream social media platforms. We’ve increasingly grown discontent with these platforms for various reasons. A great alternative which gives us some of that independence back is Discord servers.

What is it?

It is very much like an old school chat room, but can also be used in thread organised conversations like a forum. You can share images and video as well. You will need to create a profile and you can access it from your desktop browser or the Android or MacOS app.

Is it free?

Yes, it is always free to join and use. I created a public channel for enamellists so you can join and invite your enamelling friends. This is the link to the public channel:

You’ll have to abide to our community guidelines which are very basic and amount to: be nice to each other & no spam allowed.

I also created enamelWorkshop’s invite-only channels for my Patrons and students of my classes (find them in the menu). You’ll have access to the Patreon channel as long as you’re an active member (this is automatically administered by Patreon/Discord), and you will have permanent access to the class channels once you purchase a class. This has to be done manually, so if you would like to join, shoot me an email!

For Patrons

Here follows a bit of a guide and FAQ to get you started, let me know if you have any problem!
First you’ll need to create a Discord account, for that, go to and do so by clicking on Register. You can also validate your email address by clicking on the email you will receive. Do that and login to your new Discord account.

How do I link my Discord account to Patreon?
Log in to your Patreon account
Hover over your profile avatar to open the user menu
Click on My profile settings from the menu
Click on Apps from the menu bar
Click the Connect button next to Discord under App Integrations
Enter the email address or phone number you use to log in with Discord and your password and click the Login button
Click the Authorize button
You’ve successfully linked Discord to Patreon! You may need to refresh the page
Now that you’ve linked Patreon and Discord we’ll automatically assign you Discord roles based on how your creator set up their Discord. You can log in to your Discord account to check that you have access to the creator’s server with your correct role.

I’m not getting the pop-up window to log in to Discord:
This typically happens if you have an ad blocker or browser extension that is blocking pop-up windows. Please disable these extensions while connecting Discord to Patreon.