Learn to enamel with enamel workshop

Because we believe that you you should be able to freely employ your skills and create work that is truly yours, Enamel Workshop offers knowledge-based classes.

You will not be technically or stylistically tied, but instead will be able to develop your own style. Our classes are downloadable (and streamable) videos and handouts, which you then own forever and have right to re-download if lost. This is the modern day’s equivalent of buying a DVD that you can peruse and consult at any time.

Students are also encouraged to join a private Facebook classroom group in which projects and techniques can be discussed with instructors and other students.

And because project-based videos are also fun, Mer offers a subscription service though Patreon, in which all questions are heard & learning content is created after listening to Patron’s requests. This Patronage also contributes to keep Enamel Workshop’s project up and running, and improving day per day.

I studied artistic vitreous enamel over metals at the Llotja school in Barcelona, beginning in the early 90’s under mentorship of the legendary Andreu Vilasís and Núria López-Ribalta. Barcelona is my hometown, a great place for an artist to be born and an inspiration for me growing up. My greatest muse, however, is always nature.

After graduation I worked for Bagués Masriera (a must see if you visit Barcelona), until I moved to Belgium in 2005. Now I work in my personal studio.

Enamel is my greatest love, but I am also interested in many other materials and I love to combine disciplines. My web presence since the early naughties is innershelter.net and I created enamelworkshop.com in 2019. The tool & material store opened in 2020.

“When you take a class with Mer, you feel like you are in the best hands you could have dreamed of to learn. She explains everything and makes the different techniques perfectly clear. She shares her huge knowledge and experience with generosity. No secret!

I especially appreciate that she goes down to the root of each gesture and explain to the why of each advice. As a student, you know why you should do things that way and I feel that having this intelligence makes all the difference.

Also, I love the fact that Mer gives the keys to learn the techniques themselves, so we can use them in our own projects. With that approach, we can focus on the technical aspects very deeply, without depending on the specificities of a project. I feel that it’s also easier for a student to train with interesting exercises rather than with an intimidating artistic project.

The filming technique is perfect and the quality of the videos is excellent ! We can see even better that if we were in the room.
And I like the fact that we can download the videos and keep them for life, to watch them whenever we want.

Mer’s Patreon channel is also like a gold mine! We learn a lot on a various topics. And I am really impressed that she shared the process of her own works. This is so very rare and very precious. I also like the conversational style of the Patreon videos. I feel like we share a moment together <3

Thank you for the time, energy and heart you put into your videos. I am really amazed!



In this class I show you how to complete 8 exercises that will bring your wet-packing and gradation abilities to the next level. This class is a must! Suitable for complete beginners, this 4 hour class is packed with information useful for all levels of proficiency

In this class I show you how to shape & clean metal bases in preparation for enamelling, & the technical aspects which make a domed base interesting in your work, including insights over thickness, shape & size. Suitable for complete beginners.

Grisalla òpal utilises beautiful, semi-translucent opalescent enamels, to build volume in a delicate low relief on the traditional dark blue background. The results are magical. For intermediate to experienced enamelers.

In this digital workshop we begin our exploration into the fascinating realm of painting on enamel. We will talk about which materials and mediums can be used to paint on enamel, how to use them, and how to fire them. Suitable for beginners.

Introduction to
Vitreous Enamel

Free video and article, if you’re new to enamel start here! You will learn about the material, the techniques & the history.

Also watch How I make colour palettes free video here.